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3D & 2D CAD, BIM & Mechanical Design Services

At Point to Point CAD Services, we specialize in the creation of electronic 3D CAD models and 2D CAD drawings for manufacturing, industry and construction. Our unique approach allows our clients to outsource CAD projects with full integration into their current file management systems.

Our services include BIM (Building Information Modeling) for Mechanical systems, HVAC systems, Fume & Particulate Exhaust systems, Exhaust Fan systems, MUA or MAU (Makeup Air Units), RTU (Rooftop Units), Packaged Heating & Cooling Units, and Split systems. HVAC models also include ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilators), Boilers, Chillers, Infloor Hydronic heat piping, Hydronic Heat Exchangers, Manifolds, and Pumps for Hydronic heating systems.

BIM models for Plumbing include Plumbing Sanitary, DWV (Drain Waste & Vent) and ST (Storm drains) in PVC, Commercial steel and Cast Iron pipe. Plumbing systems also include Potable and Non-Potable water, HW (Hot water), CW (Cold Water), and HWR (Hot Water Recirculation) systems in Copper pipe and Steel pipe. Specialized Piping systems include Process Piping systems P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation Drawings), and Fire Sprinkler systems.

Electrical BIM models include Power, Communication, Network Telecom, and Controls Conduits in Steel HW (Heavy Wall) and EMT (Thinwall) and PVC along with a variety of electrical Enclosures and Control Panels. Electrical drawings include Schematic drawings, Ladder Diagrams, Component Location and Controls Drawings. We also provide both 2D and 3D PCB (Printed Circuit Board) designs using SolidWorks PCB.

Mechanical Design Services include FEI (Finite Element Analysis), CG (Center of Gravity) calculations, Vibration and Thermal analysis, Manufacturability checking and Design Optimization. Injection Molding mold design and injection simulation analysis are also available. We also provide Additive Manufacturing models for 3D Printing Production and prototype and product visualization testing.

Our 2D services include Full Manufacturing Drawings, US Patent Application drawings, Construction Design Drawings and As-Built Drawings. We can provide drawing Editing, Updating, and Revisions as well as Conversion from Paper documents to CAD formats.

Our staff offers quality and reliable products and services you can count on. Our website is designed to provide a general overview of our company and our services.

Whether you need full time drafting support, or a single project, we can provide you with quality, trustworthy service. At Point to Point CAD Services, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest caliber.

Browse our website for more information about Point to Point CAD Services. If you have any questions about how CAD outsourcing works please visit our ABOUT and FAQ page.

At Point to Point CAD Services Inc., the customer always comes first.