Why Outsource?

There are many factors that could result in advantages for companies who outsource CAD needs. Some small to mid-sized companies may not have an in-house CAD department. Alternately, you may need services in which your current team is not proficient. Outsourcing in this case can provide the flexibility of manpower that is available when you need them and a workforce that is knowledgeable in a diverse range of projects and software.

Hiring additional CAD personnel costs far more than salary alone. The cost of high end computer equipment, software license seats, creating additional workstation space, screening, training, insurance and pension costs are all loaded on top of the drafters' salary.

Addressing peak demands is another reason to outsource CAD drafting. Ideally, as a client, you should find the firm you want to work with ahead of time and develop a relationship with them. They need to understand your staff, how you like your projects to be handled, and what you expect the finished product to look like. If properly addressed, an outsourced team will be a valuable resource that will be available when peak demands occur and can often give a company the confidence to go after additional projects they may have otherwise passed up.

There is a learning curve for your independent CAD provider, just as when you hire any new worker. But once that learning curve is completed, your outsource team can be on standby for long periods of time, and not have to be re-trained. Any employee laid off for long periods of time may have to be replaced with a new employee and the process starts all over again.

A firm often chooses to utilize outsourcing for enhanced quality over what is available with an in-house drafting team. You are hiring this firm just as you would hire a drafter in your office, however as a team, their experience and skill may be far beyond what you could find in a single employee. The number one thing to look for is ease of coordination with the outsourcing company. This is something you will need to pay attention to, as your CAD provider will not be in an office just down the hall. You should discuss the methods of communication available for both of you, and your communication preferences. A successful long term relationship must be based on a communication and coordination process that fits with your daily routine.